Til The End — The Back Story

The truth gets out….

I completed my auditions, school let out and I graduated. Mike sent me 2 dozen long-stemmed yellow roses for graduation. A month later, for my birthday my mom gave me a surprise party and unbeknownst to me I would receive the best present ever via special delivery a collection of music complete with a compact disc player component set. It must have cost thousands of dollars and my mom hit the roof!

“Who the hell is sending you this Mona? First you get the roses at graduation now this and don’t tell me it’s some 20-year-old boy in France either!” uh oh she was pissed…

The music stopped. Everyone at the party got quiet and slowly filed out the door…. I couldn’t believe this was happening NOW. I was so embarrassed, my mother yelled “yawl don’t have to leave but I’m gonna get some answers now!” Then she grabbed me by the arm and pulled me down the hall to her bedroom.

“Who is HE? Spill it!” momma demanded

“Momma, just a friend” I answered

“A special friend I take it? I’m not going to play around with you, Mona you are 21 today, a woman, just don’t play games with me, ok? Are you sleeping with him?

“Momma no, we only talk on the phone but he is special. He is older and he is out of the country right now.”

“How special’? And how long has this been going on?”

“Well, momma he is different. He’s kind and funny and sweet. We are good friends. I met him through his brothers last year who I’ve been pen pals with for the last four years.”

“The California kids?”

“Yeah, but only they weren’t kids…..and they are famous momma….”

Shortly after my 21st birthday, one day Mike actually called during the day. I think he was in Australia, anyway, I told him what went down between me and my mother. He was a little more than upset…

“Why didn’t you just tell her it was me from the beginning? I asked you for your moms’ permission!”

Well, dag Michael! I don’t need you to be upset with me too. I wasn’t sure how to handle it and I messed up! I mean you can’t just tell your mother you’ve been getting calls from a 30-year-old superstar, and expect for all to go well, ok? Now she wants to talk with you and meet you and stuff”

“Sure, I’ll talk with her, but I can’t meet her, I’m working right now.”

“I know”

“What did you tell her about me?”

“I told her you were a boy from school choir that is 20 years old, that’s in Italy on vacation with ‘your’ parents”

“Boy, you can lie girl!” he said with a laugh “Well, we are gonna have to come clean, I mean you mean too much to me now for me to have to let you go.”

“Do I? What are you saying Mike?”

“I’m saying that you are my good friend, and I love talking to you all the time. I want to see you in the fall, that’s just a couple of months so… let’s try to smooth things out with your mom, ok?”


“What time does she get home tonight?”

“About 11:45 tonight”

“Good, I’ll call at midnight your time and Mona?”


“Please, no more lies, ok?”

Later that night

mj on phone

When Michael called, he and momma talked….. She screamed “Its Michael Jackson of the Jackson 5!” and then she wanted to know what he wanted with me, her baby. “She’s only 21 you know. What is the nature of your relationship? No, of course I trust her and you are miles away… what? Public transportation, yes it’s not that difficult… no a little… no not that I know of….Yes, well you seem like a nice young man, too old for my daughter but nice…oh October? Well sure we’d love to meet you when you come into town… ok… who Bill? He’ll call with the info? Ok here’s my work number just in case you need it 202-678-6747…yes it was a pleasure speaking with you as well… sure but try not to keep her up too late…ok . Take care, here’s Mona”

Well not even after a week passed since they talked my mom got a navy blue Volvo from Mike and he sent me earrings. I told him it was all too much and that my mom couldn’t even drive. He said she told him that and so he set up a private teacher to get her on the road.


I thought it was all crazy. Why was he now sending all these gifts? Somehow he found out my size and sent me this bad leather jacket along with a gift certificate to Garfinkles!

I had never been to Garfinkles. What could I do? Pam and I went shopping! I got some bad clothes and shoes and a little jewelry. I told Michael all that I bought, and he seemed trilled but I told him no more “ok?” and he laughed. I also let him know that Pam and I got tickets to his show.

“You did? Aww I was gonna have tickets waiting for you at the box office. Well it’s done now, but do you have backstage passes?” he quipped

“Oh, hell yeah Mike!”

“How many do you need, Babe?”

“Only 2” (Did he just call me babe?!) “One for Pam and one for me”

“Ok, done. Hey Mona?”

“Yeah Mike?”

“I’m really looking forward to seeing you next month…I want to do something special for you; for being such a good friend to me.”

“Michael, you know you’ve been so much more than a friend to me and I can’t wait to finally meet you face to face”

The conversation started to feel pretty heavy so he changed the subject.

“Umm, how’s your mom enjoying the car?”

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