The Golden Circle — 91

Several weeks later….

Michael and Goldie and their Nuggets were relaxing out at the large gazebo near the lake at Neverland.  Man-man (Aman) and Mica (Michaela) were quietly cooing in their bouncy chairs as their parents looked after them.

“Michael, Man-man is really gaining weight. He looks like he’s outgrowing his newborn clothes” “Umhm, yep”said Michael grinning, looking over at his wife. “Umhm, what’s that supposed to mean, babe?” asked Goldie. “Mica only gained a few pounds, her clothes are still fitting.” “Well, it’s simple, honey,” Michael said and Goldie looked at him with her eyebrows raised waiting for his explanation. “See, he’s a Jackson. A male Jackson.” “And, what’s that supposed to mean, Mike?” “It means, my Golden One, that he’s being fed,” he said with a smirk. “They are both being fed Michael, you know that. My nips are completely raw” “Yep, cause my boy naturally fancies the breast.” he said smugly. “Michael, they both are breastfed…” Goldie said as Man-man began to fuss.

Imani  reached down to get her baby boy from his bouncy chair. She held him up to her chest in a cradle hold. Man-man fussed more then began to open and close his mouth against the fabric of her blouse. “See, mystery solved. He does that and you whip it out and he gets his grub on.” “Michael! He’s hungry, I feed them both when they are hungry” she said, unbuttoning the top of her blouse. “Well, how often does Mica gnaw at your tits babe? She eats gets her fill, right? Then sleeps, coos and shits. She’s a girl, and ain’t partial to the breast” Michael said, shaking his head in the affirmative. “Boy, you need to stop…Do you think she’s not eating enough?” Asked Imani. “Of course, she is baby. Babies will let you know when they are hungry.” Replied Michael. “I hope so, maybe Man-man is just greedy” “No, I’m telling you as one Jackson man about another, he’s having his fill of TitLove. He won’t ever get over it.” “But Michael, I thought you were an ass man?” asked Imani. “Well, I am now, but at the beginning, I was all about, bosoms. You can ask my mother, she’ll tell you.” I am not going to ask your mother about your childhood’s ‘TitLove’ Mike. She’ll never welcome me in her home again” giggled Imani.

newborn nuggets

As the couple continued their conversation, they didn’t realize that they were being watched. As far as they knew, they were safe at home, behind the gates with trusted employees, but there was that one, Patrick. He watched from his work golf cart. He was doing some work on the landscaping out at the lake. He couldn’t hear their conversation but was very excited about seeing Imani breastfeeding the baby. He watched her as often as he could and she did this breastfeeding quite a bit, out of doors. He realized shortly after starting at the ranch that this was Imani’s favorite spot to relax and sit with the babies. Today he saw she was with her husband to be, whom he hated with more than a passion. They were looking through sketches and fabrics ideas for their wedding. Imani still wanted the theme to be golden. She loved what the color gold meant to both of them and after all this time, they would both wear a golden circle at the end representing their love and commitment to each other and their family.

After a few more weeks Patrick noticed things changing out at the ranch, decorations going up and things being rearranged. He planted a large field of coreopsis and purple cornflowers himself out on the plains.

When he asked his supervisor the reasons for the changes to the ranch, he was told that the boss was getting married and the ranch was being prepared. Somehow this news (that really wasn’t news to him) made Patrick realize that the two were in fact, going to marry. Everything was made real to him suddenly. He felt saddened and disappointed but after weeks of watching the couple together, her happiness, their beautiful babies, their little family, he realized the best thing he could do was to leave Neverland and to never bother either of them again.

That night, Patrick packed up his things, turned in his employment badge and walked out the gates of Neverland as himself, Patrick Mani’s old friend. He realized he wanted what made her happiest most and she was obviously happy there with her family. She was a mom now and she exudes such joy daily. A joy he knew he could never duplicate in her life, and so it was now over in his mind. He still didn’t like Michael Jackson, but he did respect the fact that Imani loved him and only him, finally.

In the days to come, the family hosted a large number of family and friends, there were parties and dinners all in celebration of the pending nuptials. The parade of Jacksons was never-ending, it seemed to Goldie. They all called her Goldie and welcomed her into the family in their own way. The ranch was a buzz with laughter, love and family. Michael even put on a few pounds. There were toasts made, and well wishes, a host of cousins, and aunts and uncles for Man-man and Mica. Everything was just coming together. The wedding would be held in the next few days and of course, the press got wind of it and their helicopters hovered over Neverland almost 24/7. Excitement was in the air!

“Baby? Our big day will be here in a matter of days, aren’t you excited?” “Yes, I am Mike. My question to you is are you more excited about our wedding than you were about the six-week sex ban being lifted? She giggled. “Well, as far as I’m concerned they both go hand in hand love, ’cause in the next few days, I’ll be getting everything I ever wanted. A sexy wife, a loving mother and the best lover I’ve ever had” smirked Michael. “Aww, babe you sure know how to make a girl blush with the best things to say” “I do, don’t I? Guess I learned that from the best.” He said as he pecked her on the lips. “And who was that, pray tell?” “Wendy of course!” “Boy, you better not be holding out on any secrets about you and Liz.” “Now would I ever do that to you?” “ Mike might not, but Peter’s ass surely would!” She chuckled, punching him lightly on the shoulder.  “Baby, there’s only one Wendy in my life now, honey. She’s golden and she makes my life and everything on Earth golden.” “She does? I better! I love you with everything in me Michael and I can’t wait for the next few days to go by to be Mrs. Michael Jackson” “Aka The Queen of Neverland!” said Michael and they just giggled, played and kissed as lovers do.

©2016 Sugar Felice.  All Rights Reserved.  This story is a work of fiction.  Any names, places, and other identifying features are used in a fictional manner, for entertainment purposes only and are in no way representative of actual events in the life of the entertainer Michael Jackson. This work may not be reproduced, copied, transmitted or stored without the expressed written permission of Sugar Felice.  All images, songs and or song titles are copyrighted to their creators.


2 thoughts on “The Golden Circle — 91

  1. They’re cute parents

    Hmm I don’t know I still have this bad feeling about Patrick, not sure if this really is the last we have heard of him, I could be wrong there but I don’t trust him

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