The Golden Circle — 94

Out of town family was arriving today and Imani was excited to see her cousins, and other friends from back home. Her favorite cousins Tina and Margie, the whole gang, would be there for the wedding. Everyone but Patrick, whom everyone is saying they haven’t heard from in months. Imani’s  family would be staying on at the ranch along with the Jacksons that don’t want to make the drive in or stay in town. It’s gonna be a huge family affair, and Michael is loving the idea. He’s always wanted to have this place filled with family and love, well now’s his chance.

Some of Michael’s friends were also coming to the ranch early and a few would be staying in town at some of the small inns under assumed names (of course). Elizabeth would be staying in her room at the main house. The guest list was a bit more extensive and impressive than Imani had even thought of her wedding having but, it all made sense. The most famous man in entertainment and possibly the world was getting married and she was the bride.

Imani thought about it off the top of her head. Many people she had been in contact with for Michael during her employment, but never had any real non-business related dealings with were now guests at her wedding, Stevie Wonder for one, was always very sweet and flirtatious over the phone, but then there was Diana Ross, Berry Gordy, Quincy Jones, Sidney Poitier, Ossie Davis and Ruby Dee, all the cream of the crop in black entertainment. The Gibb brothers were coming, as well as Celine Dion, Liza Minelli,Tommy Mottola, Mariah Carey, Lionel Richie, Bill, and Hillary Clinton and even Nelson Mandela was given an invitation. Several record executives, and world leaders or their representatives. Needless to say, security was going to be a huge issue with the use of police, secret service, and private security teams.

Imani wasn’t up on who had RSVP’d or the coordination of security because she no longer had those duties but just the thought of all those important, famous people being at her wedding was crazily overwhelming. There was this feeling of nervousness but also eagerness to finally be Mrs. Michael Jackson. The wife, the mother, the Lady of Neverland. Imani smiled to herself through the multicolored butterflies.  Imani quietly wrote in her diary her feelings about everything. She wanted her babies to know how important and exciting marrying their daddy truly was.

She mused for a few more moments when there was a knock on the door. “Come in!” she said and was then greeted with Janet’s huge smile; a smile that reminded her so much of Michael’s.


“Hey girl, could I speak with you for a few minutes?” asked Janet, “Sure, Janet, what’s up?” “I just wanted to have a little girl talk with you. I mean, all this time you and my brother have been going at it, making babies and all and no one thought to let a sistah in on a thing. I was hoping to get to know you better, apart from being Mike’s PA,”she declared. “Oh, yes I would love that too. I’m surprised Mike didn’t tell you long ago.” Imani said.  “Well, you know his ass is a privacy freak and a control freak. We talk, but he likes to keep things close to his vest sometimes, you know?” said Janet and she winked at Imani.“Well you know I do!” Imani chuckled.  “It’s not like the world doesn’t want a piece of him sometimes.” Janet nodded and said, “I never thought of myself as ‘the world’, but I know what you mean.” Janet then took Imani by the hand and they walked down the long wooden corridor headed for the kitchen.

When the two reached the kitchen, one of the house staff was laying out the lunch spread.There were platters of cold cuts, salads, fruits and cheeses. “Umm, I love it when we all get together here at the ranch, I get to pig out in style with no guilt,” Janet said, as she perused the buffet table. “Well, you know even Michael likes to “cheat” every now and then.” “Shh, girl who you tellin’? I see all that prosciutto over there. I bet he has a stash of it in his room right now,” giggled Janet, as she took a seat at the island. “I’ll never tell,” replied Imani with a smile, putting her finger to her lips.

“Now, tell me, how was all ‘this’ taking place right under my nose during our scream shoot?” she said, gesturing with her hands. “It wasn’t actually, I mean, he and I weren’t together at that time….” “But there were… fireworks?” Janet said finishing the sentence. “Um, well, it was complicated. Mike was newly married and we were being totally professional.” “Umhm…” “No, seriously. I was giving him his space, being totally about work only..” “Oh, I got it. He pursued you, didn’t he?. He hounded you until he got you into bed, right?” Janet deduced. Imani blushed. “Why would you say that?” “Girl, you don’t know how my brother was a total horn dog, at one time! Mike had girls coming and going like a revolving door. Well, that was years ago but it’s not like he forgot how to ride a bike or something. He goes for what and who he wants, always has. I’m just glad he wanted someone as intelligent, pretty and strong as you.” Imani blushed again at such a compliment and gave Janet a hug, “Thank you, Janet,” “Girl, yeah, call me Jan, ok? You know, I’ve been asking around about you ever since Mom told me about the pregnancy” Janet smiled, coming out of the hug.

“Your brother can be persistent but, there was just this pull between us. I mean, we were close before he even began seeing Lisa. I know that she and you are friends. It wasn’t my intention to break them up or anything.” Imani said with a serious tone. “Look, I know. Lisa and I are cool and all but like I said, I know my brothers. I know Joker. When he wanted her, he didn’t care that she was a married mother of three. He saw and conquered, so to speak. He was just wrong about his choice at the time.”

They both were silent after that statement. After a few beats Imani nervously said, “You know, we never really talked about his reasonings. I just figured he wanted to build a life with her regardless of what we had going.” said Imani. “Oh, shit! Are you saying you were with him before he even got with Lisa?” gasped Janet. Imani instantly turned red in the face from embarrassment. “Uh, we technically weren’t ‘together’ but we were close,” she repeated.  “Ha ha ha!” Janet laughed loudly. “And I thought his ass was reformed after fucking the last PA!”

Imani was taken aback after that quip and looked on at Janet in caution while building up a protective wall. Janet could sense her discomfort and said “Girl! Michael had some shit with him for a while, but you know what? He loves you! I know he does because of how he speaks of you. He called me last week and gave me an ear full of gushy, gushy, love stuff, all about you!” “He did?” “Umhm, he did,” Janet said nodding. All he could talk about was you, Man-man and Mica. I had to come and see for myself. You have put such a love on him, Goldie, like I’ve never heard from him in years. I mean not even Diane got this treatment. This is going to be the biggest event to hit this county in years! These small town folks won’t know what hit em, but I will say this, he loves you like he’s loved no other and he’s running his mouth about it. Now, that’s new.” she smiled.

“Maybe that comes from us hiding so long. He became tired of it. I know he’s proud of his family, and I’m proud of him and to be his woman. We’ve come a long way together Janet-Jan; and we both plan on this being forever,”sighed Imani. “Well it’s gonna be, I believe it!” Janet said. reaching out to embrace Imani once more. “Welcome to the family and thank you for making my brother so damned happy. That boy is so lit, he doesn’t need his glitter to glow!” The ladies giggled and chatted enjoying each other’s company before the other’s came in to join them for lunch.

©2016 Sugar Felice.  All Rights Reserved.  This story is a work of fiction.  Any names, places, and other identifying features are used in a fictional manner, for entertainment purposes only and are in no way representative of actual events in the life of the entertainer Michael Jackson. This work may not be reproduced, copied, transmitted or stored without the expressed written permission of Sugar Felice.  All images, songs and or song titles are copyrighted to their creators.


3 thoughts on “The Golden Circle — 94

  1. Oh my lord! I have just found this site. I love reading romance novels. Please don’t let them break up! I’ve read this after first reading Til the End. I actually cried and I’m not a crier!!! Your writings attention to detail is spot on!! Wondering which I need to need next!! Until more comes out on this.., Ksauls

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