The Golden Circle — 92



“The Queen of Neverland, yes I love the sound of that,” Michael said right before nuggling Goldie’s neck. “Umm, boy are trying to start something?” she moaned. “You tell me, I did write a song on it after all,” he said between kisses. “Yes you did, baby yes you did.” Let me get the babies settled down for a nap, then we can really get started.” “The babies are fine here in their bouncy chairs, right now I wanna lay mommy down,” Michael said with his eyes penetrating her soul. “Take me baby” Goldie commanded and Michael captured her lips while slightly lifting her blouse exposing her newly plump stomach. He began kissing down her neck to her chest, then her torso. He settled on her navel swirling his tongue around it lightly. Imani was enraptured and lightly moaning. She loved when he paid extra special attention to her body. Then as if out of the air came a long and loud baby’s wail. Imani shot straight up, “Oh Man-man, Momma’s right here” She shifted Michael a little off to the side and went to pick up the wailing baby. “Are you hungry again baby boy?” She cooed, then she pulled out her breast and began to feed the quieted Man-man. Michael looked over and decided to check on Mica, and saw she was fast asleep.

“Sorry baby, Man-man’s ‘TitLove’ has beat you to the punch,” she said. “Yeah, I see that we need to have some milk for him on reserve for the nurse so we can have a little alone time,” he mumbled. “Michael, what are you saying? They’re  just babies, I don’t want some nurse or nanny taking my place.” “Baby not forever but just once in a while. How else are we gonna make babies three and four?” “Boy, you are a trip. I told you I will fill Neverland with as many babies as we can make but baby, I want us to raise them, not the hired help.” “Oh, we will. I just don’t want to have to make an appointment to make love to my beautiful and very sexy woman,” he grumbled again. “You won’t and see? Man-man is fed and sleeping now, so let me put him down and show his daddy who’s really boss around here.”

Michael walked over to the intercom and pressed a button to speak. “Please come and put the babies down for a nap in their room. Thank you” “I thought you wanted the babies here, Mike?” asked Imani. “I don’t want to disturb them,” he said. Two staff members knocked and announced themselves. “Come in,” said Michael and the two women swiftly and quietly scooped up the bouncy chairs and whisked the babies off to their nursery. “Now where were we?” asked Michael as he began unbuttoning his shirt. “I was just about to show you who’s the boss!” she teased. “Umm, I like the sound of that, boss me baby, boss me!”

“Get on your knees, then!” She said. Michael stood up and dropped to his knees instantly. His eyes were plastered on Imani as he watched her reach under her flowing dress and pull off her panties. She walked over to him slowly and stopped in front of him smiling devilishly. Michael grinned back with a fire burning in his eyes. Then she lifted up her dress once more revealing her golden, shapely, legs and lifted one and placed it over his shoulder, grabbed his head and pushed his face into her pot of gold. “Eat me!” She commanded. Michael took to his duty as a willing worker. “Umm, like that. More tongue um, yeaaah baby…. like that.” Michael was swirling his tongue and licking and sucking her clit with pure delight. After a few moments of that Imani grabbed onto his shoulders for dear life as her legs were trembling because of her pending release onslaught. Then Michael quickly inserted his extremely long index fingers into her drenched opening.

As if an alarm, Goldie screamed out in ecstasy losing her battle to stand on one leg. She slipped but Michael held onto her firmly and rose up from his knees, wrapping both his arms around her slumped back and laid her out on the bed. Her leg was still on his shoulder and he figured this was a good position as any.  He quickly loosened his pants while looking down at her glazed over eyes. Yeah, she came good, he thought. Then he said as he bent down closer to enter her, “Mommy came real good for daddy huh? But baby, you ain’t seen nothin yet!” Then he entered her gently and began to rock her slowly, allowing her time to gather her wits and to come down from the first orgasmic high.

She felt Incredible to Michael, like liquid velvet, smooth and soft. He began to moan deeply in his throat and began to pick up speed. Goldie also began to moan, long and breathy moans. Her body was reawakening and she was feeling everything Michael had to give her. Their speed increased…and their moans got louder and peppered with “Oh babys!”   and soon “Oh G-ds!” Then suddenly there was a switch, Imani removed her leg from his shoulder, and wrapped her legs around Michael’s waist, then she used the force of her adrenaline to roll him over on his back. She now straddled him and grinned at him devilishly, “I’m the Boss remember?” All Michael could do was nod his head. He was red with passion and drenched in sweat. His eyes were hooded in ecstasy and he smiled slightly.


Goldie scooted up and regained her natural seat. She began to ride him like the true stallion he was. He was so good, and he was loving every minute of it. She pinned his hands down as she got down low to him and whispered: “You remember the last time we did this, like this?” Michael’s eyes shot wide open. Goldie laughed as she knew what they were both thinking. The night they made the Nuggets. It seemed the thought of that night only increased Michael’s pleasure. She could feel him getting harder inside her so she reached back and gripped his balls and said, “Not yet baby!” “But Goooldiiiee I can’t hold it back!” Yes, you can think of filling me up with as many babies as you can, keep going!” She moaned “Uh, uh, Oh G-d Jehovah! Baby, I can’t wait, I Caaann’t….” He bellowed as he released his seed into his fiance. Goldie sighed quietly and rolled off him and laid on her back with her legs in the air, then after a few seconds, she bent them in and wrapped her arms around them.

Michael was out of sorts, not only from his phenomenal orgasm but from embarrassment. He really wanted it to last as long as possible and to give Goldie what she deserved. He always took care of his lovers first. He knew what it meant to them and now most of all to Goldie, his best and final lover. He wanted to give her his all. To him, this wasn’t his best.


As she glanced over  at him, she noticed his distant look. “Babe? What’s wrong? Are you alright?” Michael nodded and closed his eyes and took a deep breath. “I’m fine. How are you?” Imani noticed the strain in his voice and wrapped her arms around him and laid her head on his chest and said sweetly, “Michael, you know I am very satisfied and happy with you, right? You are a very gentle and attentive lover.” “How did you know what I was thinking about?” He asked surprised “Michael, I know you. You are in my heart, my mind and my soul. I know some of your deepest desires and I know you want to please me more than anything, and guess what? You do. That’s why I fell in  love with you. You were able to reach me in a way no one else could, with your humbleness, your sweetness, and your love. All you have ever wanted was to make others happy and because of that, and your beautiful friendship when I needed it most, I fell so deeply in love with you. Believe me, you satisfy me, in every way.” She looked up at Michael after kissing his chest and saw tears streaming down his face. She kissed his lips gently and wiped his tears, then went back to laying her head on his chest and holding him.

This was her man, her beautiful, sensitive and loving man. He never needed to feel ashamed of his tears with her, she knew and understood him. After a while of deep breaths, Michael spoke “Imani, I always felt you loved me like that. I wanna  spend the rest of my life loving you as deeply and pleasing you. G-d knows I love you; I need you so much. Let’s stay like this forever, ok?”  He whispered, then he kissed her forehead.  “Michael, I’ll love you forever, but we can’t stay like this.” She said seriously. “Why not, baby?” He asked. “Well for one, we are naked and sticky with sweat, also, I need to either pump or feed the babies soon” she replied “But… baby…. Lil Mike is on the rise, how about another go? We can make it quick.” “Boy, you couldn’t make it quick, if you wanted to” at that challenge, Michael French kissed her deeply and passionately, then broke and said, “I want to do this, all for you” “Aww baby, you’re too much for me! A quickie huh?” “Umhm” “So you know what that means right?” “ I do, I know what gets you off, baby. Turn that ass around.” “Face down, ass up it is” laughed Imani. Michael smacked her bottom and said, “You’ve been waiting to say that, haven’t you?” “Yep!” They both laughed and proceeded into the quickie.

An hour later….

Imani rushed to the nursery in her robe fresh out the shower, to pump or feed the Nuggets. When she walked in and looked into the cribs, Mica was wide awake and wiggling about. “Hi baby girl, are you dancing?” She said as she picked up her little girl. “You’re such a good and quiet baby, just like your daddy. You hungry?” She asked as she opened a slit in the top of her robe revealing her swollen breast. Mica nuzzled up to it with her mouth agape and latched on. Imani took a seat in the cushy rocking chair and began to read quietly to her, “How a Baby Grows”. Imani felt so relaxed and happy nursing and reading to the baby. She almost began to doze off but heard a familiar sound. It was the beginnings of Man-man’s wail. He sounded wet, so Imani was about to put Mica down, but Michael came zooming into the room to change Man-man.

He happily changed Man-man while humming a little tune. “What’s that you’re humming babe?” “Little Susie’s intro” “Oh that creepy song about the dead little girl?” “No the song about children who are neglected and left alone to die” “Ok, but do you think that’s appropriate to sing to our children?” Asked Imani. “Goldie, you’re joking, right? My music is never inappropriate.” He said as he held Man-man and sat in the opposite rocking chair.  “Well as long as you don’t sing  In the Closet to the Nuggets I’m ok” she smiled. “But you love that song, we do it in the closet to that song…” “Yeah, we do and I know, but think of the words. Oh yeah and Give in to me, don’t sing that one either.” “What’s wrong with that one?” “Well, I just don’t want any questions about what giving into the fire means before the age of 15, I’m just saying”.

After their conversation, they switched babies and Imani switched breasts. She began to feed a hungry Man-man and she couldn’t help but think of the term “Tit Love” every time she fed him now. She reclined the rocking chair as she fed him and after a short time dozed off while Michael watched them both. He thought it was beautiful. Sitting in his children’s nursery at Neverland, holding one and the other suckling at mommy’s breast as she took a cat nap. What a beautiful moment. He closed his eyes and thanked Jehovah for this gift and wished he had his camcorder to capture it all.

This was going to be his new life, not touring and recording so much but living, loving and raising his children with his beautiful wife. He was excited about the wedding day, a few days felt like forever now.

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