Life –The Conclusion

Just the mention of her name had him back into that place. He had been trying so desperately to get away from.  When his mind was there, so was his heart and he wanted her, longed for her and ached for her.  He could feel all the pain he allowed himself to go through with her but he didn’t want the self-pity he wanted to be free so Michael made himself another promise and that was to work hard be the best, and concentrate on achieving his goals.  Women, sex and love would have to come later and more sporadically. Michael had the tour to do and he knew it was going to be a long one; his first solo tour and he needed to be fully in it in order for it to be a success.

So the next few months he worked, finished the album did the videos, wrote music and prepared for the tour. He was no monk but he wasn’t exactly a horn dog either.  He did have the company of a lovely lady when he wanted but nothing like Sam and definitely nothing or no one like Diane. He eventually went back to Hayvenhurst and prepared for his pending departure.  His mother noticed the change in him, but she waited for him to tell her exactly what had gone on in his weeks away but he never did. His main priority stayed work and he even left the church because he wanted to have even more creative freedoms in his career.

Michael had become a man on a mission.  He wanted the Bad World Tour and the album Bad (which he named it) to be the most successful ever and it showed with how hard he worked. Why the name Bad?  It was a play on his image, about how people didn’t really know the “real” him and saw him as this “good little singing, dancing and virginal angel”.  He loved to play with the public that way, they just never knew him and he figured they never would. So, he called the tour and the new recording Bad. He did more short films and had more successes, he went on tour around the world to record-breaking attendance.  Michael Jackson was just that. A phenom, Michael Jackson. He set out in the beginning trying to put Diane behind him he did and created more hits based off the relationship…. and now the world was his. Life is what you make it!