A Note About My Love

My luscious love, her hue is a cross of Cinnamon and gingerbread. Her hair a lion’s mane…Her silky skin is scented  like coconut and honey oh how she awakens my full appetite. I love  to taste her.

My lover’s  voice sometimes chimes  softly like a bell, but at other times is comforting and subtle like a flute. She takes me to me to paradise. To hold her is to hold the most precious gold, to gaze upon her is to behold a jewel. Her talents, her warmth, are all any man could ever need; I have, with my love.

Her name is that of a Goddess and I am her Angel. My true goal is to worship her and to sing her praises. In secret places, we show each other robust adoration. It’s a rendezvous of the spirit. She gifts me with her passions and love. I shield and adore her, I please her to her delight. No other will ever compare to her. This love was bestowed by the universe. My love, I feel her everywhere, she’s in my head, in my heart, she owns me body and soul.

So secret is our love, I call her friend…she jokingly calls me son, but we both know what we have. The whispers in morning, after  making love until the break of dawn. She knows that our secret’s safe forever and that is how long my love will last.