Softly (a poem)


Speak softly my love, no need to be forceful or boast

Draw me into your soul, I’ll never ask for too much.

Stroking me softly with your hands, as I succumb to your touch

Love me again and again.

Oh but lover speak to me so sweet, whisper my name I’m in deep

Rock me so gently in this heat, Hold me I’m trembling, I’m complete

Take me again and again…

Look in my eyes you’ll see desire. I tell you I’m yours with all my power

I repeat your name as if a chant, the sound of your voice in broken pant

The damp sheen of your skin…

Love me over and over again

Ending and beginning

with a sigh

©2013 Sugar Felice.  All Rights Reserved.  This story is a work of fiction.  Any names, places, and other identifying features are used in a fictional manner, for entertainment purposes only and are in no way representative of actual events in the life of the entertainer Michael Jackson. This work may not be reproduced, copied, transmitted or stored without the expressed written permission of Sugar Felice.  All images, songs and or song titles are copy written to their creators.