Captain….Eo? (In Parts)

It all happened one quiet evening around six pm. There I was pulling my tuna casserole out from the oven and the phone rang. I scurried over to get it wondering who would call me around dinner time. I answered and to my surprise it was Michael Jackson.

Apparently, we  met at a small gathering at Quincy Jones’s place a few months ago. I was with my girlfriend Cynthia and Michael was there. He was sitting at the dining room table most of the night just listening to the conversations of others when (I’m told) Cynthia asked me if I wanted to say hi.  I was slightly buzzed to tell you the truth so when I went over to meet him I was ready to get the 411.

We walked through the small group of people standing around with drinks and bopping to the music. We ended up directly behind his chair. He was wearing a red cardigan sweater and grey slacks. To tell you the truth he looked a little corny from what I saw at that angle. I heard he was shy. Cynthia  my girlfriend tapped him lightly on the shoulder and whispered in his ear (I guess she knew him fairly well). I don’t know what she said to him, but he quickly turned around with a huge grin on his face.  I remember seeing his smile, but I totally got lost in his huge brown eyes.

I saw him look me over and all I could do was gulp. He stood up and put out his hand for me to shake and I smiled gingerly and took it. My hand was immediately swallowed up in his hand, his hand was large, warm, soft and nice….I stared at it for a second or two admiring his long fingers then he said “Hi I’m Michael” “Uh, I’m Mia…Mia Altman. It’s nice to meet you, Michael” I said coming out of my reverie. “I’ve never seen you here before at Q’s or I would have remembered,” he said as he released my hand. “Me too. Man, you have some big ass hands!” I blurted out looking down at his hands once more. “Oh, I’m sorry. I cursed. Sorry, Michael Jackson” I giggled revealing the fact that I may have had one too many to drink. “Mia, let me get you home girl, sorry Michael,” said Cynthia “Oh, it’s quite alright, Michael Jackson has heard worse,” he said to Cynthia then he said directly to me, “Um, Mia, do you think I could have your number? I mean, I would like to call on you sometime? That is if you don’t mind hearing from a guy with huge hands” I’m told, I blankly gave him my number, said a few goodbyes and walked to the door with Cynthia holding up my body weight.

The next day Cynthia told me I gave Michael Jackson my number. I didn’t believe her and I didn’t remember much of the evening. The thought was both scary and hilarious and when he called me the first time I screamed bloody murder. Anyway, that’s how we met. He has called me on and off for about two months, not a lot but once he got to talking he could keep you on the line for hours.

So when he called me around six in the evening, this was new (he usually called in the wee hours of the morning or late t night). He knew my supper time and all, understand. “Hi Mia, It’s Mike,” he said in his casual way. His voice was soft and gentle as usual, but he sounded a little tense. “Hey Mike, what’s up? How are you?” I asked. “Well, I’m kinda not having a good day…well, that’s not entirely true. I had a great day at work, but um…I feel like I’ve been working enough and I need to take a break.” “That sounds like a great idea. Do you have any ideas of where you’d like to go?” I asked. “Not a long break…I was kinda hoping I could come and spend some time with you, tonight. I mean if you don’t have plans this evening” he said.

“Actually me and tuna casserole were going to have a special night together alone, but you can come join us if you want,” I said. “Oh is that what you made for dinner?” asked Michael “Yes that and a tossed salad. There’s plenty, so you’re welcome to come on over.” “Are you sure?” he asked. “Yep, last and final,” I said and he laughed. “Should I bring anything? he asked. “Nah, just your lanky ass and your huge hands. I need to see them both up close!” I chuckled. He laughed nervously and said, “Ok, I’ll be there in about 30 mins, I need to change.” “No you don’t, besides the casserole will be cold by then. Come now and bring your clothes, you can change here. How’s that?” I said. “Ok, see you shortly then,” was his reply.

So I put the casserole back in the oven to keep warm and I finished up the tossed salad and placed it in the fridge. I set the table for two and opened a bottle of wine. I looked at it and wondered if it was too cheap a bottle, but then I just shrugged my shoulders at it. Mike knew I wasn’t rich, this was going to be a far different thing from “dining” at Quincy’s house.

I checked myself in the mirror. My hair was kinda wild, but my dress was cute, (even if I didn’t know a superstar was coming over). I went over to my stereo and put on my favorite mixed tape. It was all R&B tunes with Donnie Hathaway, Stevie Wonder, Chaka Kahn and people of that ilk. There was even some Michael Jackson on it. As Donnie crooned softly and soulfully, my doorbell rang. I checked myself once more in the mirror and pressed my lips together to refresh my lipstick. I walked over to the door and looked out the peephole and there he was in a long black coat, a fedora, and dark glasses holding a bouquet of flowers.

I opened the door and asked him in. “Hello, Mia. These are for you” he said presenting the flowers. “Oh, thank you, Michael. they’re lovely. Let me get those and your coat. Make yourself at home” I said putting the coat on the armchair and walking the flowers into the kitchen for a vase. “Um, your place is nice Mia” I heard him say from the living room. “Thanks! Make yourself at home!!” I yelled again “I will,” he said from behind me in the kitchen, startling me a bit. “Wow, dinner smells great. Do you cook a lot?” he asked smiling. “Yes, I do. As a matter of fact,” I said, walking by him with the vase filled with water and the flowers. “Follow me, the dining area is out this way.”

I placed the vase on the center of the table and glanced at Michael standing behind a chair. It was the first time I checked out his outfit. He was wearing what looked like a white fencing, space outfit. It was kind of tight and crinkly. He was also wearing what looked like a codpiece which I stared at for a few seconds too long.

“This is my costume from work. I hope you don’t mind. I can change if you like” he said, “No, you should change after dinner. I’ll bring it out so we can have at it.” I said. “Please allow me to help you, Mia,” asked Michael  “Um, ok,” I said sheepishly and he followed me back into the kitchen.

After we brought out everything we had dinner along with nice conversation that bordered on extreme flirtation and the possibility of seduction. We took it to the living room after dinner and then things got really hot and not because of the fireplace either.

(Part 2)

There we were on the sofa, his lips on mine, and my hands were exploring his costume. I don’t know exactly how things moved so swiftly, but hey it was good so I went with it. The music was suddenly taking us on a sexy voyage, with Prince singing “International Lover” in the background. 

The way Michael was watching me at dinner gave me chills. During dinner, he would lick his lips and smile in a not so innocent way (A way that made me thirsty). Honestly, I think we were both boiling hot by the time we reached the living room. Ahh, yes he is an expert kisser…What else can he do with expertise? I wondered.

My hands found his wide belt, and then magically its buckle. I opened it and removed it, sliding it out from between us. Needless to say, Lil Mikey was happy to see me and nothing was holding him down. Michael ground his hips into me and a flood of excitement filled me and my panties. “Ohh, Mia…” he breathed into my neck as he gave me some of the best necking I’ve ever received. His hands were now up my dress and I knew I was on my way to heaven. I was partially laid out on the sofa and Michael’s body was over mine. I could hear his heart beating and I know he heard mine. It was in my throat. “Umm…” was all I could utter if you call moans an utterance. He was working every part of my exposed skin with his mouth and I wanted to be completely naked like yesterday. I couldn’t believe this was shy Michael, sweet Michael, gentle Michael… “Yess, geentillle Michael” I moaned. I opened my eyes and realized that his white space jacket and tee-shirt were off (Wow, where had I been?)

I began rolling his hard nipples between my fingertips and kissing his neck like he had been kissing mine. And after a few minutes of grinding, I felt my tank dress come off and go flying through the air sort of like a coral blur. Yes, more exposed skin for this man to ravish, I thought. Then, he suddenly stood and lifted me up bridal style and said, “Mia baby, which door is your bedroom?” said with a hoarse, thick, passion filled voice and all I could think was anywhere you want it to be baby….”Down the hall, the last door on the left”, I said, sort of breathy myself.

Michael carried me out the living room and down the hall to what I know now would be my erotic heaven! I was about to be made loved to by Michael Jackson!

The room was dimly lit by the closet light I left on earlier. So I could see him in that glow. He was a vision, with fire in his eyes. He laid me down gently on the bed and began to remove his pants. I asked, “Michael are you sure about this?” “I’m more than sure about it, Mia. Do you want me? Seems you do.” he challenged “I do want you, Michael…” “Good, so it’s official,” he grinned (just like in “Thriller”) before he kissed me into another dimension.  After going to this other-worldly place, I was brought back to Earth as his mouth and body travelled down mine. I closed my eyes and arched slightly. He licked a trail from my breasts to my hotspot down below. “Ohh, yeah!” I moaned as he reached my navel.

I tensed up slightly, then I felt his breath over my thighs. He carefully stroked me and gingerly spread my labia. “Oh my G-d, Michael!” I moaned loudly. And his voice cut through the silence in the room when he said, “Call me Captain Eo, tonight” “Whatever you want, but don’t stop….Captain…E Oooo!” I crooned as he touched his hot, wet, tongue down on my power button. And that was just the beginning!

(Part 3)

My head was spinning with desire, I felt like I was losing my mind. I’m here with Michael Jackson and he’s going down on me! was a partial thought in my mind until I began to erupt. It happened so fast, all I could do was hold onto my sheets and cry out in passion. “Ohhhh! Ummm! Yyeeessss!” It was a fierce orgasm, like nothing I ever felt before and as I slowly came down from it, I felt Michael kissing my neck and saying my name in between “Mia….Mia, you’re so beautiful and you taste like strawberries” He then captured my lips and I moaned again. I felt a burst of freeing energy so I kissed him back just as lustfully.  We began to entwine and I ended up on top of him. We were both so overcome with passion and as we kissed he lifted me and brought me down on him. It was the most explosive sensation, him entering me. What they say about big hands is true! After a quick adjustment, I began to gyrate slowly. He was very filling! Oh, and he went deeper and deeper each time our grinding bodies collided. “Oh Mia, baby… I umm… knew you would be this good. Ummm, so good” he whispered. He was really enjoying what I was doing to him. I wanted him to feel as incredible as he made me.

Michael held on to my hips and rotated his hips wildly beneath mine. It was incredible!  We were both crying out in ecstasy drenched in sweat and when I said his name he moaned “Captain…” So I corrected. He was so good I would call him anything he wanted right then. We made love for hours that night, and we traded intimate secrets and desires. He was no longer “quiet Mike” but a fantastic lover, my lover. Who knew it would come to this? But I was pleased it did. He really showed me a different side to himself tonight and I don’t think either of us will ever be the same again.
Afterwards, we played tiddlywinks and eventually I fell asleep as he recited his poetry to me. We were comfortable with one another, and things just fell into place. I don’t know if it was the costume or his loneliness that spurred him on, but whatever it was we both needed this to happen. It was a magical night but when the morning came, Michael was gone.


I called out for him in the quiet morning light. As I scanned my room, I found he left a note on the nightstand for me, with a promise. “I thoroughly enjoyed my night with you Mia, and please know there will be more to come.” signed ~M Your Captain Eo

After that first night together, Michael and I see each other every month or so. We have  become very close and every now and then he’ll ask me to call him Captain Eo which I gladly oblige him with.