Stay — Chapter 28

When they landed in NY and made their way to the apartment in Trump Towers, Suki finally felt better about asking Michael about the drugs he kept on hand. Why did he have that, in case of what? They quickly showered and changed into something comfortable. She was still groggy and Michael seemed tense so they both silently decided to not speak about the flight over.

Michael’s POV…

I really need to get to business sometime tonight, at least getting everyone together and working out a plan of action on this meet and greet, CD signing thing; but I can’t leave Suki here alone. I don’t know what state of mind she’s in right now. Maybe we’ll have our planning meeting here in the suite, that way I can keep an eye out on Suki until she feels better.

Michael and his people got together in the suite and came up with a plan of action for the CD signing. Management suggested a lottery system in order to meet him but, he insisted on it being first come, first serve to be fair to all of his fans. After the meeting adjourned, Michael joined Suki in the back of the suite. She was sitting up in bed reading a magazine on NY City   provided by the hotel. “See anything good Love?” asked Michael. “Yes, as a matter of fact I do and he’s standing in the doorway. How was the meeting?” she asked. “It went well, you know, it’s your basic CD signing and meet and greet. Nothing I haven’t done before ages ago with the brothers.” “Yeah, but things sure have changed now huh? I mean all the security measures and such,” she said watching Michael walk across the room. “It has, but it comes with the job, you know? The bigger you are, the more people want to take you down. I have to be safe about everything I do.” Michael really wanted to change the subject so he did. “Love, how are you feeling, I mean, now?” he asked, stroking her face. “I’m feeling better Michael,” she said apprehensively, not wanting to talk about the situation with him. “You wanna get something to eat? I’m starving…” Michael asked feeling her apprehension. “Sure Maikeru,” said Suki softly feeling relieved.

Suki’s POV…

Michael walked over and gently took me in his arms and kissed me, then hugged me tightly. I was listening to his heartbeat with my eyes closed, thinking a prayer to G-d and myself of thanks and gratitude. I didn’t deserve to be loved like this. What had I done to garner this affection and love? I had just overdosed on benzos for Pete’s sake. What was he thinking about me after all of that?  Michael gently relaxed out of the hug and looked me in the eyes and asked, “You wanna go out or do you want to order in? Your choice” he said. I could see his eagerness to show me the city his way, so I reluctantly suggested we go out but somewhere private. I didn’t think I could handle crowds or paparazzi. Michael shot me a huge smile and kissed my forehead saying “Sure thing Love, I know just the place” he bounded over to the phone and called the concierge and his assistant Marge and began setting things in motion “Sweetie, just leave it all to me, we will have a wonderful time tonight!”

Michael’s POV…

I was ecstatic. We really needed this diversion because after today, well let’s just say I’ve had some doubts. Hopefully, we will be able to spring back into place. I so want her in my life, but I don’t want the unnecessary drama, you know? I need to know that there will be no more overdosing. I’m setting up a special night out for us as an introduction to NY for her and to also put her mind at ease. I think I freaked her out by having that anecdote on hand. Will she understand to what extent I’ve had my own difficulties with benzos and painkillers in the past? I don’t even know where to begin in telling her about my past.

Michael not wanting to dwell on the past or on what happened on the flight, decided to start anew with tonight. There would be beautiful music and a romantic atmosphere. This would be the best time to let her know she’s safe opening up to him and he also wanted to open up more himself, to her. He chose a beautiful red satin dress that he knew she could do the right amount of justice to, for her. He planned to wear a pretty conservative look, a black suit with a red satin tie to match her dress. The Empire Hotel’s lounge would be the spot to relax and unwind in.  A little dancing, a nice romantic dinner by candle light (on the roof) and maybe some star gazing for two. Yes, this was going to be the best thing for them both. He just knew it.

When Suki walked into the walk-in closet/dressing room she was shocked to find a white garment bag. Inside the bag was a fabulous red cocktail halter dress in the slickest satin she had ever touched. she looked over her shoulder to see if anyone was around, then she held it up to herself to imagine the fit. a small note fell out of the box which read:

Suki, I want you to know, my passion and love for you still burns with singes. You have captured my soul and my imagination. Please know that this fire for you I’m consumed with is red hot like this dress. I know our times together yet to come, will be as smooth and soft as the fabric of this garment and filled with so much love. ~Maikeru ❤

Suki hurriedly took off her robe and slipped on the dress. She was eager to see how it fit her. Michael was outside the door and he knocked lightly. “Love, can I come in?” “Oh, yes, Maikeru

YES!” she exclaimed. He walked in and saw her wearing the dress, his eyes shining. but before he could say anything Suki’s lips were on his.

Michael’s POV…

Yes, baby yes! Let’s stay this way forever. I don’t ever want to doubt us, I want to fall deeper and deeper in love with you. Oh, G-d please make this be the right thing. No one else has made me feel this alive in so long! Please, G-d let this music in my heart and lyrics in my mind stay there and become our eternal love song. I want to feel this way forever…Please let us stay in an embrace forever…


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