The Golden Circle — 95

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As everyone started filtering into the room, the air seemed to shift. Mrs. Chappell and Maggie, Tina a few more of Imani’s cousins and their parents. This was family time for the Jacksons and everyone reverted to their old roles in the family around their parents. Mr. and Mrs. Jackson entered the room slowly. They both seemed to float into the room and sat quietly down. One of the house staff asked them what they wanted to eat of the given fare and their plates were prepared and placed before them. No sooner, their plates touched the table, all movement ceased as Mrs. Jackson stood and said, “Let us bow our heads in prayer”.

Everyone became quiet, heads bowed and eyes closed. “Oh Mighty Jehovah, we thank you today for this joyous time in our families journey. We are gathered here as a unit to celebrate the pending nuptials of Michael, your favored son, Imani and their two beautiful children. Very soon Heavenly Father our families will be joined as one as it should be in the sight of the Lord. Thank you Lord Jehovah for your goodness, your blessings and all the gifts of the Holy Spirit. Please bless this meal we are about to consume, for the edification of our bodies and we thank you Jehovah G-d for this fellowship. We pray in Jehovah’s name, Amen.” Everyone around the tabled mumbled “Amen”, then went back to eating and talking to one another.

Katherine sighed a bit and scanned the room to see who were all in attendance. “Imani, where’s Michael?” she asked quietly. “I’m sure he’ll be here in a minute Mrs. Jackson. I think he went to check on the babies…” “I’m here mother”, Michael announced, entering the room with two arms full of babies. Every head turned towards Michael’s voice. “Oh, son! Someone help him with the babies!” cried Mrs. Jackson. “Kate, calm down, the boy can carry his own damn children” grumbled Joseph. Katherine rolled her eyes a bit at Joseph, shaking her head. Michael glanced over at his mom, “Mother I’m fine.” he gently responded, walking slowly to the table’s head, then taking a seat. “I’m a bit of an expert at this you know.” he chuckled. (Rosemary was behind him with two baby carriers just in case he needed assistance.) “Is everyone enjoying lunch?” He asked looking around the room.

Michael was grinning like a Cheshire cat; he was full of delight. He handed one of the babies to Rosemary who placed him into the carrier. “I want them to be in here with the family Rosemary.” “Yes, Mr. Jackson,” said Rosemary as she settled at a small table in the room with the twins.

Now sitting at the table, surrounded by most his family and friends, he glanced over at Imani and smiled. “There’s good energy here baby,” he said. Imani nodded and poured Michel a glass of juice. “You’re the energy” she whispered and kissed him lightly. Everyone awed and Michael blushed and rapidly went to the buffet table. That wasn’t like him to be so open with public displays of affection even with his family but Michael beamed. His blush grew into a huge cheeky grin by the time he finished at the buffet and when he returned to the table he bent down over Imani and gave her deep long kiss in front of everyone which was totally out of character. Everyone clapped, even Joseph through his grimace.

“Now, that’s a kiss Mike!” bellowed Randy. “Get him girl!” said Tina. “That’s a man in love!” cheered Tito. The clapping continued until the kiss ended and Mica began to wail. Imani got up at once to get the baby saying, “It’s ok baby girl, Momma and Daddy are right here” She held the baby in a soothing manner and Rebbie got up from her place next to Imani and had Michael sit there instead. Once she quieted down Michael took up his glass of juice and said, “I’d like to make a toast, To family!” Everyone raised their glasses and said, “To Family, To Michael and Imani!” “Cheers!” The couple’s parents were feeling incredibly proud.

Lunch became more like a party with the Jackson brood and the newly formed extended family. Once the eating ended the music began and everyone including the children were on the dance floor. The babies were put down for a short nap and the two lovebirds had some quiet time in the nursery with them while the family celebrated. “It’s a great party Mike.” smiled Imani as she held onto her man. He chuckled, “It was supposed to be a lunch.” “I know but the family’s happy and excited, They want to celebrate us!” “Umhm, they want to celebrate all the free food and wine.” Michael joked. “Whatever it takes baby, whatever it takes!” whispered Imani right before Michael kissed her once more.

The two made their grand entrance back into the party and danced a few songs.It was a nice party and the employees could hear the festivities including Patrick who was closely lurking about but not too closely that his friends there in attendance could see him. Again he witnessed the happy couple together. Damn, they do look in love, thought Patrick.

For one quick moment. his heart softened at the thought that Imani  just might be happy.

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